«Medical Bulletin of the GVKG them. N.N. Burdenko» publishes articles on various problems of theoretical and practical medicine, issues of healthcare organization and its history.

  1. Manuscripts can be submitted in the following formats: original article, review, clinical observations, short communication.
  2. The submitted material must be original, not previously published in other publications (!). If a violation of this provision is revealed (duplicate publication, plagiarism and self-plagiarism, etc.), the editors reserve the right to refuse further cooperation to all co-authors. The author also does not have the right to submit the manuscript to other publications until the decision of the editors to publish it. You can check an article for originality using the following services: https://www.antiplagiat.ru/ – for Russian-language texts, https://www.plagiarism.org/ – for English-language texts.
  3. All articles submitted to the editorial office are usually evaluated by an independent reviewer(s), after which the editorial board decides whether to publish or reject the submitted manuscript.
  4. Application for submission of an article.
    All authors listed in the manuscript must sign and send to the editors «Application for submission of the article for publication». The application must have a visa of the heads of institutions (or departments) in which the work was carried out.
    By submitting the article, the authors confirm that they agree with the provisions and principles listed below.
  5. Requirements
    The editors recommend that authors adhere to the ICMJE when preparing manuscripts.

Surnames, initials of patients, numbers of case histories and other data that could potentially identify study participants should not be used in the text and graphic materials of the publication.

The editors reserve the right to literary editing of articles that does not affect the content.

One article by one first author is accepted for publication in one issue of the journal.

Conflict of interests. The authors undertake to disclose any existing conflicts of interest. A form for identifying potential conflicts of interest is contained in the Application for Submission of an Article for Publication. Information about conflicts of interest should be provided in the article in the «Conflict of Interest» section.

When submitting a manuscript to the editors of the journal, the author transfers exclusive property rights to use the manuscript and all accompanying materials related to it, including reproduction in print and on the Internet, translation of the manuscript into foreign languages, etc.